Modelling Competition in Crop Populations via Reaction-Diffusion Foliage Dy­namics. With an Outlook on Tree Modelling

  • Robert Beyer Ecole Centrale Paris
  • Paul-Henry Cournède
Keywords: leaf-area index, leaf area density, reaction-diffusion equations, optimisation


Local leaf area index is considered as a spatially continuous variable, subject to dynamics of al­location, senescence and spatial propagation. This approach al­lows for inter-individual variab­ility and com­petition while maintaining robustness – a key shortcoming of com­parable models. Simulation res­ults inspire a three-dimensional generalisation towards trees, alongside which an underlying dynamic branch system is devised, targeting finer morphological accuracy.

Author Biography

Robert Beyer, Ecole Centrale Paris
Applied Mathematics and Systems Department, PhD Student
3 Methods for FSPMs