Using 3D virtual plants to evaluate the canopy role in the progression of a splash-dispersed crop disease: a case study based on wheat cultivar mixtures

  • Christophe Gigot
  • Claude de Vallavieille-Pope
  • Marc Leconte
  • Claude Maumené
  • Laurent Huber
  • Sébastien Saint-Jean Dr. Sébastien Saint-Jean AgroParisTech & INRA-UMR "Environnement et Grandes Cultures" 78850 Thiverval - Grignon France Tel: +33 (0)1 30 81 55 54 FAX: +33 (0)1 30 81 55 63 mailto:
Keywords: cultivar mixture, splash dispersal, septoria tritici blotch, wheat, modelling, heterogeneous canopy


A model taking into account physical mechanisms involved in splash dispersal of pathogens and host cultivar quantitative resistance has been developed to study the potential of heterogeneous three-dimensional crop canopies such as cultivar mixtures to prevent disease progression. We investigated different spatial organizations, proportions and resistance levels of wheat cultivars mixtures to allow better control of septoria tritici blotch
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