Effects of defoliation intensity on the genetic and phenotypic composition of virtual ray-grass populations

  • Didier Combes INRA - URP3F
  • Isabelle Litrico INRA - URP3F
  • Stéphane Grenier INRA - URP3F
  • Philippe Barre INRA - URP3F
  • Abraham J. Escobar-Gutiérrez INRA - URP3F
  • Gaëtan Louarn INRA - URP3F
Keywords: L-GRASS model, selective pressure, phenotypic plasticity, genetic selection, Lolium perenne L.


Successive generations of ray-grass plant populations were generated using the L-Grass FSPM model coupled with a simple genetic model. Results were compared to an experimental population. The first preliminary results show a weak modification of the genetic and phenotypic composition of the population between generations as a result of an increased defoliation intensity.
4B Growth and development of plant communities