Evaluation of a photon tracing model and virtual plants to simulate light distribution within a canopy in a growth chamber

  • Julien Le Gall
  • Hervé Autret
  • Didier Combes
  • Christophe Renaud
  • Jessica Berthloot
  • Nathalie Leduc
  • Bruno Andrieu
  • Vincent Guérin
  • Michael Chelle
  • Sabine Demotes-Mainard
Keywords: photon tracing model, growth chamber, light phylloclimate, plant architecture


Radiance distribution in a growth chamber is anisotropic. Our objective is to evaluate the accuracy of light simulations in a rose canopy grown in a growth chamber using virtual plants and a photon tracing model dedicated to growth chambers. The question of the scale at which the system reproduces the observed variability is specifically addressed.
4A Structural development of plants and light environment