Floral phyllotaxis of magnolia in computer simulations - towards understanding phyllotactic fingerprint

  • Beata Zagórska-Marek University of Wroclaw, Poland
  • Marta Fijak University of Wroclaw, Poland
Keywords: phyllotaxis, Magnolia, floral parts, phyllotactic fingerprint, plant development, shoot apical meristem


Magnolia’s floral shoot,  with its uniquely rich and diverse phyllotaxis,  has been modeled with application of a special program based on geometric model of phyllotaxis. First survey of phyllotactic diversity obtained in the library of 1200 computer simulations proved that, besides the most common main Fibonacci, also other patterns, frequently encountered in nature, such as Lucas and bijugy, are readily formed. This is a part of extensive studies aimed to elucidate the mechanism of phyllotactic fingerprint  – the species or genet specific pattern of phyllotactic diversity, first in magnolia flowers and then in other plant structures and taxa.
1A Modelling plant structure