OpenAlea 2.0: Architecture of an integrated modeling environment on the web

  • Christophe Pradal Cirad, UMR AMAP and INRIA, EPI Virtual Plants
  • Julien Coste INRIA, EPI Virtual Plants
  • Frédéric Boudon Cirad, UMR AMAP and INRIA, EPI Virtual Plants
  • Christian Fournier INRA, UMR LEPSE
  • Christophe Godin INRIA, EPI VirtualPlants
Keywords: Scientific workflow, Integrated modelling environment, Web 2.0, WebGL


Plant modeling is based on the use of a diverse set of design paradigms (L-systems, visual programming, imperative languages or sketch-based interfaces). In this poster, the architecture of a new multi-paradigm and integrated modeling environment is presented. This desktop application will become a distributed web application, allowing to run simulations on a cloud computing system and share virtual experiments on the web. The modeling environment will run on a web browser using HTML5 and WebGL technologies.
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