CyberPlantS: a European initiative towards collaborative plant modeling

  • Michaël Chelle INRA
  • Christophe Godin INRIA
  • Risto Sievänen METLA
  • Jan Vos WUR
  • Mathieu Javaux UCL
  • Gerhard Buck-Sorlin AgroCampus Ouest
  • Hartmut Stützel Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Ana Maria Tarquis Technical University of Madrid
Keywords: collaborative approach, modeling cyber-infrastructure


The current European research landscape of 3D plant modeling shows fragmentation and critically lacks coordination. The CyberPlantS initiative aims at creating the first European network on advanced plant simulation systems and associated e-infrastructure. The network will set up a global training strategy for innovation in computational plant modeling with a focus on plant architecture and plant-environment interactions. It is focused on the development of a new paradigm, namely cyberplants. Cyberplants refers to cybernetic systems, as biological and environmental components of vegetation exchange signals to achieve specific goals. Cyberplants also refers to cyberspace, which designates a collaborative approach based on a network community relying on a cyberinfrastructure.
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