Towards a FSPM of bud outgrowth for rosebush: experimental analysis of sugar effect.

  • Jessica Bertheloot INRA, UMR IRHS, Angers
  • Fran├žois Barbier Agrocampus-Ouest, UMR IRHS, Angers
  • Yves Gibon INRA, UMR Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie
  • Rachid Boumaza Agrocampus-Ouest, UMR IRHS, Angers
  • Soulaiman Sakr Agrocampus-Ouest, UMR IRHS, Angers
  • Sabine Demotes INRA, UMR IRHS, Angers
Keywords: bud, light, sugar, apical dominance, Rosa hybrida


This study provides experimental data on rosebush to extend the auxin-based FSPM model of bud outgrowth to account for sugar roles. The analysis of the relationship between sugar availability and bud outgrowth at both plant and bud scales showed that sugar availability is able to decrease apical dominance by reducing the lag time before bud outgrowth.
2B Distribution of resources and growth in plants