A generic model of interactions between FSPM, foliar pathogens and microclimate

  • Guillaume Garin SAS iTK
  • Christophe Pradal CIRAD, UMR AGAP and INRIA, Virtual Plants
  • Bruno Andrieu INRA, UMR 1091 EGC
  • Vianney Houl├Ęs SAS iTK
  • Corinne Robert INRA, UMR 1091 EGC
  • Christian Fournier INRA, UMR 759 LEPSE
Keywords: generic modeling, crop architecture, foliar pathogens, vine-powdery mildew, wheat septoria


This study provides a framework based on a generic model of interactions between FSPM, foliar fungal pathogens and microclimate, with the concern of interoperability of the components and extensibility. The framework was applied to two disease models (powdery mildew on grapevine and septoria on wheat) previously developed on the platform OpenAlea, making them more modular and extensible. These improvements should enhance and ease the design of new disease models on FSPMs.
5 FSPMs for problem solving in vegetation management