Modeling and analyzing the topology development of young michelia chapensis

  • Dong Li Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Mengzhen Kang Chinese Academy of Sciences,
  • Philippe de Reffye Cirad-Amis, UMR AMAP
Keywords: Michelia chapensis, plant development, topology structure, GreenLab model


Michelia chapensis is one of the most important landscape trees and it is important to study the plant topology structure.

We measured the 2 years old michelia tree through one year, study the tree topology structure, well fit and simulate the tree with the new GreenLab version.

Author Biographies

Dong Li, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Institute of Digital Agriculture
Mengzhen Kang, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
LIAMA&NLPR, Institute of Automation
Philippe de Reffye, Cirad-Amis, UMR AMAP
1A Modelling plant structure