Improving branch distribution models in trees using X-ray computed tomography

  • Emmanuel Duchateau Université Laval
  • David Auty Université Laval
  • Frédéric Mothe INRA, UMR1092 LERFoB
  • Alexis Achim Université Laval
Keywords: X-ray computed tomography, tree architecture, black spruce, branch distribution


The use of external measurements to describe the distribution of branches on tree stems can induce imprecision and bias in estimates of both the number of growth units and the azimuthal distribution of branches. The scanning of logs using X-ray computed tomography yielded knot data that allowed for more accurate identification of the limits of each growth unit. Such information, in conjunction with current models of tree architecture, can be incorporated into functional-structural models describing relationships between tree morphology and biological processes.
1B Reconstructing and observing plant structure