Model assisted phenotyping of the source-sink relationships underlying the genetic diversity of sugarcane productivity

  • Delphine Luquet CIRAD
  • Matthieu Gouy Ercane
  • Lauriane Rouan CIRAD
  • Jean Francois Martiné CIRAD
  • Eric Gozé CIRAD
  • Audrey Thong-Chane ERCANE
  • Jean Christophe Soulié CIRAD
Keywords: Model assisted phenotyping, complex traits, sugarcane production


Ecomeristem, FSPM simulating sugarcane morphogenesis and plasticity depending on its nutritional status (C, H20), was used to analyze the genetic diversity of source-sink related traits controlling structural vs. non structural carbohydrate accumulation and thus sugar production. Results are discussed with respect to the challenge of FSPM assisted phenotyping and breeding.
5 FSPMs for problem solving in vegetation management