Modeling Cucumber leaf orientation as growing in heterogeneous

  • Qian Tingting
  • Zhao Chunjiang
  • Guo Xinyu
  • Lu Shenglian
Keywords: LAI, Leaf azimuth, sunlight greenhouse, cucumber, heterogenesis


The objective of this work is to analyze the changes of leaf azimuth during cucumber growth and  describe the relationship  between light  environment  and leaf azimuth  character using a simplified  model.  Five plant density treatments were conducted  in autumn 2012. Eight neighboring  plants per treatment were selected to measure leaf azimuth, leaf length and leaf width at four times.   LAI was considered as indication of light intensity to analyze the relationship between light environment and leaf azimuth character. Linear function was used to describe the relationship between LAI and leaf distribution frequency in different leaf orientation classes. Leaf distribution frequency changed as the influence of heterogeneous light  conditions. The  leaf  distribution  frequency  in  the north direction decreased as  LAI increased  while  opposite  situation  has  been  found  the south direction.
1A Modelling plant structure