Perspectives for improving carbon and nitrogen allocation in forest models from stand to global scale

  • Oskar Franklin International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA
  • Peter M. van Bodegom VU University Amsterdam
Keywords: Productivity, tree, uptake, N, C ratio, nitrogen concentration


We show that using a fixed foliage: fine-root ratio leads to unrealistic modeled responses of forest growth to environmental variability (in particular to soil nitrogen availability). Not only the relative growth of organs (carbon allocation) will be off but also gross primary productivity predictions indirectly suffer from a lack of allocation flexibility. We suggest that applying evolution-based optimization principles to account for allocation plasticity is a key measure to improving future forest models and dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs).

Author Biography

Peter M. van Bodegom, VU University Amsterdam
Department of Ecological Science, subdepartment of Systems Ecology
4B Growth and development of plant communities