Variation in structural and optical properties of sun exposed and shaded leaves: A model based approach

  • Petr Lukeš University of Helsinki
  • Pauline Stenberg
  • Miina Rautiainen
  • Matti Mõttus
  • Kalle M. Vanhatalo
Keywords: leaf optical properties, structure, leaf radiative transfer model, boreal forest, PROSPECT


A database of optical, structural and biochemical properties of leaves of boreal species was established. The database was used to validate simulations of leaf spectra with the PROSPECT model. The relationships between leaf spectra and structure were similar for all species but the strongest for birch. The spectra of coniferous needles were more dependent on canopy position than birch spectra.

Author Biography

Petr Lukeš, University of Helsinki
Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki
4A Structural development of plants and light environment