Integrating architecture and physiological perspectives in fruit development

  • Mikolaj Cieslak University of Calgary
  • Michel Génard INRA
  • Frédéric Boudon CIRAD/INRIA/INRA
  • Valentina Baldazzi INRA
  • Christophe Godin INRIA
  • Nadia Bertin INRA
Keywords: Fruit quality, water and carbon transport, fruit vasculature, skin microcracking, Prunus persica


Architectural properties of a fruit, such as its shape, vascular patterns, and skin morphology, play a significant role in determining the distributions of water, carbohydrates, and nutrients inside the fruit. Understanding the impact of these properties on fruit quality is difficult, because they develop over time and are highly dependent on both genetic and environmental controls. We developed a 3D fruit model that can be used to investigate effects of the principle architectural properties on fruit quality.
2A Exchange and transport processes in plants