How petiole flexibility changes light interception at the tree scale.

  • Loïc Nabil Tadrist École Polytechnique
  • Emmanuel de Langre École polytechnique
  • Marc Saudreau INRA Clermont-Ferrand
Keywords: light interception, leaf mechanics, leaf inclination angle distribution


Leaf inclination angle plays a key role for light interception of a tree. However existing models for this quantity are empirical, not predictive and do not take into account the fact that leaves are flexible. Based on a leaf mechanical model and a multi-scale approach we propose a model of leaf inclination angle distribution and quantify how much leaf flexibility may change light interception of a tree.

Author Biographies

Loïc Nabil Tadrist, École Polytechnique
PhD student, Ladhyx, Departement of Mechanics
Emmanuel de Langre, École polytechnique
Head of departement of Mechanics
Marc Saudreau, INRA Clermont-Ferrand
4A Structural development of plants and light environment